I heard your silvered words

I heard your silvered words,
soft tongued and eloquent,
gentle on the battleground.


The wounded gathered round,
dragging their brokenness,
shell shocked and damaged;
dreams dismissed to bedlam
as thunderous life blasted and screamed
in a clamour of uninvited voices.


Eager ears and searching minds
scrambled to your touch,
bringing their wounds.  
Open sores at parade ground attention
to be dressed by healing syllables,
soothed, made whole.


Rabbi, teacher, your words leave no scars,
no irritating itch of knitting tissue
nor reminding hurt of bruise or blemish.
Bandage and sling,
splint and brace
pile high beyond this tent of healing;
testament to those who overhear your conversation.


I heard your silvered words
on this hill,
as we munched loaves and fish,
but fed upon you.


I heard your silvered words
on another hill, a darker vista,
as our eyes feasted on the hate of man
And you taught another lesson:
“Father forgives”.



3 comments on “I heard your silvered words

  1. Keith – yes this button was much easier to find. Lovely site; even lovelier poetry.

  2. Jack Brown says:

    good stuff as usual Keith
    Thart a gudden 🙂
    would making the header/post backgrounds opaque improve the overall look?

  3. Deborah K. Anderson says:

    This was amazing. Says a lot about the power of the tongue, even more about the One who takes away the wounds inflicted by the tiny member.

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