The forbidden


I’m banished beyond the boundary of love;

the portrait behind glass prison cell

that contains and celebrates,

that separates and magnifies,

and you become an icon.


I chain my love,

its burning torch

blazing in desire,

in fallow ground.

Tinder dry,

in beguiling wait,

paradise lies there.

Tantalising proximity,

for the banished,

a silent enticing barb


In the shadow

of the valley

the whisper of a kiss,

my flaming torch,

sheds embers at its mouth

but dares not enter.

For I bring the plague

of fire within my gift.

The parcel, though tied and bowed

and perfumed with love,

cannot disguise a curse,

the blessing, blundered, burning desire

and its threat of pain.


Paradise lies there

in beguiling wait,

tinder dry.

Blundered passion,

an urgent siren call,

draws me back

in lunar flow,

to its gates

and the dashing of rock:

the timeless, tireless

wanton insistency of self.