I’ll see you on the morrow

for Patrick:

I’ll see you on the morrow
as sun bright-winking through the trees,
the smile in the glazing on the pew
where stain’glass-guided beams
alight for moments passing.

I’ll feel you in the whisper
of the breeze on summer’s days,
or the glance of something distant
through autumn’s misty haze
in the sunlight dancing.

For you are in the sun for me
your warmth and gentle glow
and ever with me on the path
wherever I may go.
And we will smile together
though for a while apart
for you are more than memory
you are in my heart.

And I’ll see you on the morrow
when we join hands again
in that land of constant singing
free of shackle, free of pain.
I’ll see you on the morrow
in the chorus by the throne;
loved and lovely, praising,
the King that we have known.